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Jesper Sønderaas aka yespr

Danish artist and designer working with a broad range of projects and clients. 

yespr started out in the advertising industry and has worked with one of the biggest ad agency in Denmark and solved campaigns for clients in Europe from offices in Copenhagen, London and Oslo.

Today artistic projects are taking more and more of yesprs time. From one-off commissioned art pieces to series of paintings and linocut prints. 

Yespr works around and reflect Modern Culture. Issues about media culture, sexuality and urban life is to be found in his work. His work is colorful and concept driven.


Curriculum Vitae 

2013 Chalk Blanket, Commisioned, Copenhagen Art Run, Ishøj, Denmark

2012 Naked ork Installation, Trailerpark Art & Music Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Pophead - Popupgalleryshop - Soloexhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 Game over Please Reload Soloexhibition at Villa Wilder, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 Scribblenature, show at Pumpkin, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Scribbleland, show at Arbejstilsynet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Groupshow at The Study Gallery, Bournemouth, UK

2006 Dribbleland Drama soloshow at Gallery Boulevard, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Disco Rocks Soloexhibition, Gallery North, Copenhagen.

2004 Groupshow at GAD, Paintings, Copenhagen, Denmark

2003 Groupshow at Gallery ArteCinco, Graphic installation, Monterrey, Mexico

2003 Groupshow at ArtCompaz, Paintings, Copenhagen, Denmark

1996 Projekt »Convoye«, Tubinehallerne, Copenhagen. Sound performance, Copenhagen

1996 Sound performance at opening of Anne Marie Ploug exhibition at Gallery North, Copenhagen

1995 Hyperparty Group Exhibition, Sound performance, Copenhagen Europe Center.

1995 Publisher and editor of one of magazine event Accelerator

1995 Gallery SAGA II Golly Gee: Logo Drawing, Copenhagen

1995 Gallery Nådada, The True School, Curator, Copenhagen