Disco Rocks at Gallery North, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005

The exhibition Disco Rocks was inspired by the Disco Sucks movement that emerged in the late 70s. It all culminated on 12th July 1979 as a well-known radio DJ had urged his listeners to take their Disco plates to Chicagos baseball stadium to burn them. It was rock versus disco - both musically and culturally.

Disco Rocks is Yesprs visual response to this movement, and a contemporary reflection on how our values  represented in music, clothing and attitudes over time changed as the media interpret and document.

Yespr looks at how we in our post-modernist world today samples and put together again and again, so values dissolved and provides new versions.

This series of paintings blends several styles. The paintings are collages with Yesprs own photographs from New York which has been manipulated and incorporated into the painting and painted with a variety of abstract surfaces which gives the paintings a dynamic expression.