Kitchen work

Some morning are just better than others. Today I was drinking coffee, listening to music, reading mails and letting the mind drift. And new ideas come to life. 

Jesper Sønderaas
A day in August 2017

Hey there. Thanks for tuning in :)

New website layout. Updated projects in both Design and Art section. That is a good feeling. Working for clients doing design stuff is great, but somehow you forget your own design stuff. 

My 3 hats

I teach design. I do art. I do design for clients. And I love it all. Ok sometimes it can be stressful and sometimes it can be frustration to manage all the projects I want to do on my own as well. But being creative in different fields is great and it gives someting to each other. Fx the illustrations put in a big report for Centre for Conflict Solutions started as I began playing around with watercolour (aquarelle) drawings. And whenever I got some sparetimes I try to fit in new art projects.

New Drawings

At the moment it is back to drawing with pen. Using different types of Faber-Castell indian ink artist pen is great fun and zen. 1000 of small lines becomes new drawings and a new universe is taking place. I call it Abstract Nature. Some if the drawings are already for sale at the shop.



Jesper Sønderaas